Kids, Facebook added the ‘fun’ to communication!

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Who doesn’t want to be on social media these days? Adults, teenagers, and kids! Raise your hands if you know tech savvy 10-12 year olds being digital celebrities. To add to it, leading social media platforms are rolling out new kid-friendly apps every day. Recently, Facebook launched a new application for kids known as ‘Messenger Kids’ which offers an easy and safe medium for kids to video chat and message friends and family. Sounds great, right?

This new application is making the kids go crazy, obviously. It is an interesting, fun-filled and safe app! Here are some of its key features:

It is Parent Approved!

The best part about ‘Messenger Kids’ is it gives the control in the parents’ hands, quite literally! It requires parents to create the account for their little ones. Everything can be managed from the parents’ Facebook account, hence making it safe for the kids. Worried about who can send a friend request? Contacts are added through an ‘Explore’ section of the app that lets parents search other contacts.

Messenger Kids

It is Advertisement Proof!

Here is the good news! There are no ads in the ‘Messenger Kids App’ and your lil one’s information won’t be used for ads. This ensures that their identity is secure. What’s more? It is free to download and there are no in-app purchases too. Facebook has taken care that kids are not exposed to any other information which is not pre-approved by the parents.

 Power-packed with fun!

It is designed to offer video and text chat along with a variety of playful filters. It consists of a library of kid-appropriate and handpicked GIFs, frames, stickers, filters and drawing tools that help them decorate the content and express themselves better.

 Safely protected

‘Messenger Kids’ is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act, or COPPA. That’s the federal law that protects underage children from online exploitation.

‘Messenger Kids’ is adding more fun to a kid’s life. Facebook has happily provided a messaging app for the tech-savvy children overcoming all the safety and fun factors.

What is your take on this new addition to the social media family?