8 secret Facebook features you must know about!

8 secret Facebook features

Hundreds of thousands of people use Facebook daily; including you! But did you know there are so many features that you are unaware about; which can actually help you build your brand? Facebook has been around for many years and most marketers only use the standard features for their brand. Today, we list eight secret features that you’ll love!

  1. Ads

Basic ads include an image, a headline, post text, a description and a display URL. These ads can help you target the audience based on location, demographics, age, gender, interests and behavior.

8 Secret Facebook Features

In one of the recent changes, Facebook came up with ‘Multi-product ads’ that are also known as ‘Carousel ads’. This feature allows you to add up to 10 products that would rotate in one ad. Each product has its own title, image and landing page.


Facebook Carousel ads

  1. Featured videos

One of Facebook’s latest updates is encouraging people to use videos. This feature hit 1 billion video views per day in September. Just like on YouTube, Facebook gives you the option to feature a video on your ‘video tab’. Feature the video you want your audiences to focus on.

  1. Video playlists

Again, just like YouTube, you have the option to create a video playlist and encourage users to watch and share more content. Now, your video tab will have one section with your playlists and one section for all videos. Video playlists is an excellent way to share themed videos and/or content.

  1. Pin posts to increase visibility

A feature that is majorly underrated! A pinned post is a post that you’ve manually selected so that it remains at the top of your page. Meaning, it will not slip down as you add new posts. Pinning a post to your timeline increases visibility on that specific post.

P.S., you can only pin one post at a time.

  1. Audience Insights

This tool is available to all and can mainly help to learn about your target audience. You can identify the place, time, purchasing patterns and even the Facebook pages they like. This tool helps save a lot of time and money by identifying whom you should advertise to. You can make use of the ‘scheduled post’ feature along with these insights and post at the time when you get the maximum traffic.

  1. Live Marketing

With the increasing popularity, people are looking for strategies to include Live Videos for their marketing. To make optimum use of this tool, you can pre-schedule your live streaming and promote the time of the same so that viewers can mark their calendars if they want to tune in.

  1. Product Shop

The product shop is actually called as the ‘Shop’ section on the page where you can display products you’re selling. Make optimum use of this feature by linking your website to the Product Shop. So, when you upload a product, the details will directly be displayed, and a potential customer will be redirected to shop the product.

  1. Polls

Polls have been a part of the Facebook features since awhile and businesses have started utilizing them to their benefit. Polls are an awesome way to get a feedback from your followers. The cherry on the cake is that polls help you get great engagement because people can provide a feedback with a click! Get creative and work towards serving your audience better.

Apart from these, there are many other features that we, as Digital Media Marketers, use to convert viewers to consumers and build your brand. Contact us at +1 650-296-2506 or hello@clatterchatter.com to get your brand working towards success!