6 Reasons Why You Must Consider User-Generated Content To Increase Your Follower Engagement


Content creation is difficult and it sometimes gets exhausting and redundant. What’s the way out of this?

The answer is User-Generated Content as explained by Hubspot. Read our take on UGC to find out how it helps in increasing follower engagement

There are a million ways out on the internet that brands use to promote their content. Out of those ways, one of the most important and trending is user-generated content (UGC).

Big brands like Starbucks, BMW, even Calvin Klien use UGC- marketing for most of their branding on digital media.

UGC can be a huge asset to brands if leveraged properly. Let’s get to know more about UGC below.

What is User-Generated Content?

Wikipedia mentions User-generated content (UGC) as Customer Generated Content. It is any sort of content that is created by online users/ followers of the brand.

Crowdriff classifies UGC can be in various forms ranging from text, images, pictures, videos, reviews, to podcasts. This kind of content is not generated by the brand.

For eg: A blog written by a company is brand-generated content. Whereas any content produced by a user about a brand with no connection to the brand is user-generated.

Like America’s Funny Home Videos is an example of user-generated content, personal user videos or tweets showcasing a brand is another example of the same.

Why do you need UGC?

When we buy a product / service the first thing we look for is customer reviews or seek opinions from our friends, colleagues, neighbours, or family about the brand / product.

We won’t simply buy something after looking at an advertisement or a brand-generated article, right? This is the exact reason a brand needs to put out some UGC once in a while.

UGC helps our potential and existing consumer base to trust the brand more. It helps build a connection with the audience. It builds a positive image of the brand where it shows that the brand cares about its users.

This in turn helps in increasing brand awareness and in getting a higher conversion rate. After all, it is the word-of-mouth that matters!

Benefits of UGC

  1. It builds trust
    It is a bold move for a brand to go out there and indulge their audience in creating content for branding. This activity puts the brand in a positive light as UGC is more likely to build trust in the brand and promote consumer’s loyalty to the brand.
  2. Boosts social media reach and growth
    SocialMediaToday’s blog talks about how including UGC campaigns in your social media strategies results in getting more and more people to your social media account. It is more like a network-building tool. Happy consumers will tag or comment and make the campaign a trend and get their online friends to join the bandwagon. Hence making your brand visible to a broader audience.
  3. Boosts Your SEO
    As per SearchEngineJournal, user-generated content can help boost your SEO. There are a lot of ways UGC can help your SEO activities. Positive customer reviews can help raise your SEO rankings. If users publishing content on their personal blogs with backlinks to the brand’s website then your SEO ranking improves. So it is a win-win kind of situation.
  4. It boosts conversions
    Like we already mentioned that word-of-mouth is all that matters. UGC helps you get exactly that. Encouraging the audience to generate content and publishing it on your social media handles puts the brand in a very positive light. Most consumers feel that once the product is sold, the brand doesn’t bat an eye on the consumer’s opinions. But this activity can turn the game around and make the brand more like a people’s brand hence increasing the conversion rate.
  5. Makes content interesting
    It can sometimes be incredibly difficult to constantly generate fresh and original content for the same brand over and over again. UGC is a real boost of creativity and diversity when it comes to content for your social media image. It offers the brand a large pool of users with various thoughts and perspectives. In this way, a brand can collate a good stock of usable content.
  6. Keeps the audience engaged
    The internet these days is more about engagement than just a tool that shares information. People on the other side want to get involved and want to be heard and noticed. UGC campaigns really help in bringing the audience together and creating a platform to exchange emotions, creativity, and interests. Such UGC activities can also make your audience engage more even on your not-so-interactive content. UGC aptly helps in strengthening the brand user connection. It also adds a personal touch to the brand’s content.

Some brands still think that UGC is not as impactful as it looks, to those we would say, “Try it and know it for yourself”.

If you are confused about how to go about with it, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Connect with us and we will assist you further!

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