Twitter Impressions Importance and Tips to Increase it

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Twitter never sleeps! Every event, every news, and every trend is on Twitter. This platform is constantly buzzing with all things interesting and making an impression one tweet at a time. Each Tweet has a life span and it becomes crucial to tap its performance. Twitter impressions are a great way to analyze how a Tweet performs. But first, let’s understand what they are.
Twitter Impressions are described as the delivery of a post or Tweet to an account. Not all Tweets are read or noticed by all account owners, however, increasing the reach or impressions can help your Tweets get noticed. Let’s first understand how Twitter Impressions work and why is it so important?
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Importance of Twitter Impressions
Twitter impressions give you a total tally of the number of times a Tweet has been seen. It not only includes the times the Tweet appears in your followers’ timeline but also the times it appears in a search or taps the times someone likes or Retweets it. The dashboard looks something like this.

Twitter Impressions

Checking Tweet Impressions also helps you analyze if the Tweets have received organic impressions or promoted impressions. It also helps to filter the performance using a date range, hence giving a collaborated performance report.

Tapping Tweet Impressions makes a huge difference in extracting the Engagement Rate of the Tweet. The Engagement Rate is calculated by dividing the number of engagements by the number of impressions. Engagement includes any way someone interacts with a Tweet.

Tapping Tweet Impressions

In the above scenario the Engagement Rate = Total Engagements = 0.01
                                                                                   Total Impressions

Now, that you’ve learnt the meaning and importance of Tweet Impressions, let’s learn some tips that’ll help increase them.
Tips to Increase Twitter Impressions


  1. Know what your audience wants
    A Twitter account gets more followers if the Tweets appeal to the audience. It is very important to understand what your audience expects from your brand. This information can easily be extracted from the Analytics tool on Twitter. Monitoring the performance of your Tweets makes it easier to come to a decision as to what content your audience is responding well to.
  2. Words help but pictures help boost your content
    It has been observed that Tweets with images respond better than the plain text ones. Pictures help to draw attention, thus making your content more appealing and understanding. Stats show that Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more re-tweets.
  3. Keep up with the Trend
    Hashtag is the hero of Twitter. If you have your hashtag game on point the battle is half won. Ensure your content is in line with what’s trending and using the trending hashtags work really well in increasing the Tweet Impressions. So, try to create content around the new trends of Twitter and let your Twitter graph touch the ceiling.

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