Top 5 Social Media Myths


Do you feel that Social Media is taking over our lives and we are becoming anti-social? Or do you realize that Social Media has helped us stay connected and experience a world we never thought existed? We, at Clatter Chatter, spend a lot of time on Social Media and thought it is necessary we debunk the following common myths:


Social Media is making us anti-social

It certainly isn’t a good sign if you go to a restaurant and cannot take your eyes off your phone or go a few minutes without checking if you’ve got any more likes on your latest Instagram post. But, let’s face it, Social Media is allowing us to connect with people in ways we couldn’t have imagined 10 years back. Today, we have communication, work, and entertainment at our fingertips! Thus, we can rightly conclude that Social Media isn’t the problem – it’s all about the balance.


We can’t measure Social Media

If you thought that you cannot measure the impact Social Media has, then you were wrong. Each platform has analytics reports that can help investigate and measure the impact of paid and organic ads. Not just to measure your impact, you must analyze to determine how effective your strategy has been.


Social Media doesn’t convert users into buyers

To explain in two words, it does!

Social Media campaigns are directed at precisely-targeted audience, based on data from the consumer’s search and online purchase habits. Through these, we already know that those consumers are interested in your product or service or are aligned with your brand in some way.

But, before spending on paid posts, it is important you spend time to listen to what your audience has to say about you. The market research, product or PR team should first determine what kind of content is favorable to the audience and compare that to the existing customer research.

This will not only help drive your budget decisions, but it will also be enough to reach your target audience. Lastly, organic posts will also perform well through interactions and relevant content that establishes a trusted relationship with the target audience.

According to research studies, Social Media works best with millennials; 47% of them are likely to buy a product or service they see online compared to 19% of users for all other age groups.

Similarly, the study also showed that one out of three American consumers are influenced by Social Media.


You have to be everywhere

No, you do not HAVE to be everywhere. But, you must be where your consumers are and where it makes sense for your brand.

Sometimes, a brand would require video marketing while other times, it isn’t necessary. For brands that do not cater to visuals, they need not be on YouTube or Instagram. If a text ad is sufficient to reach out to your target audience, then that’s what you must choose as your medium to reach out. Be everywhere where your audience is.


You can guarantee a certain amount of growth

Social Media is a great digital marketing tool, but it is also very competitive. There are many people who believe that it is possible to get a set number of followers – this is one of the most toxic myths. A good Social Media company will research the market and make use of all possible tools to help your brand grow but it is impossible to guarantee results.

Yes, there are many companies that offer fake followers but none of them are worth considering.


If you’ve stopped believing in kissing frogs to look for your prince charming, maybe it’s time you stop believing these Social Media myths too. Let your brand breathe the air of true Social Media marketing with us. Drop in an email at