Top 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2020

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends

We all know that content was, is and will forever be the King. Nevertheless, do we know that the content that we publish as a brand needs to be up-to-date, should be relatable to the audience and needs to have something that draws results for the business? As obvious as it sounds, most brands tend to miss some of the core necessities of content marketing.
The New Year has just begun and we (a.k.a. digital marketing ninjas), would like to share a few content marketing trends that will help your business grow digitally. 

Without further ado, let us look at the top five content marketing trends for 2020.

1. Result-oriented Content
People these days are attracted to advertisements that guarantee results. Audience generally come looking for answers on the internet and result-oriented content is apt to grab their attention. Ads that have statements like, “We can help you increase your Facebook followers by 10X” may sound pushy but get more attention than an ad that says, “We give the best digital advice”. 

2. Conversational Content
Twitter as a platform has more conversations, as people and brands engage with the audience in a more real way. Similarly, it was noticed that online customer service chats gathered more response than chat bots. In addition, when it comes to blogs, articles, videos or even social media content, conversational content has time and again proven to work the best. 

3. Videos & Live-streams
Video & live-streams have taken the center stage in the digital marketing world in the past few years. Videos are comparatively an easier mode of knowledge transfer and they attract a larger group of audience. Live-streams are a way of brands sharing with their digital audience their achievements, milestones and celebrations. This way, the audience feels more connected to a brand. 

4. UGC – User Generated Content
Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have recently shown the power of UGC and how it helps in multiplying the reach of a brand. UGC not only helps the brand to interact with their audience but it also attracts new users online. Audience generally like to be a part of a brand’s campaign which makes them a good source of real content. 

5. Data-driven Content
Content backed up with statistics, insights, facts wrapped in creativity is a deadly combination and never fails to make its mark in the digital world. Videos that share factual numbers, blogs with graphs and insights are more likely to be shared than normal informative content. 

Take advantage of these content marketing trends; identify the content that your audience engages with most with these trends and up your content marketing game.