To Snapchat or Not to Snapchat?

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Snapchat recently rolled out its latest update and has left the users frustrated! The leading image-messaging app has made some significant changes to their interface that don’t seemed to have gone down well with its users. So much so that approximately one million furious users had signed a petition to ‘kill’ the latest update.

Celebrities too have been complaining about this. Here’s a look at what some of them had to say:

In this new update, your friends’ stories and chat have been combined to a new ‘Friends’ page.

Social Media Company in US Snapchat Friends’ page

(Source: Snapchat)

As you can see, this update does not keep the contacts alphabetically or in the order of the latest activity. Apparently, this order is decided automatically by their algorithm that guesses who you’re most keen to chat with.

If one of your friends has uploaded a story that you haven’t watched yet, you will see a circular preview bubble (just like the Instagram stories) on their name icon. To watch, tap the bubble. To re-watch a friend’s story, you’ll need to open their profile by tapping their Bitmoji on the Friends screen.

The new feature has given a new look to the ‘Send To’ page. Here, the eight people you interact with most on Snapchat come under ‘best friends’, and right at the top are options to add a new story to My Story, Our Story or Group Stories. 

Social Media Company in US Snapchat Group Stories

(Source: Snapchat)

Meanwhile, swiping left on the camera screen takes you to the ‘Discover’ page. Here, you can see content from publishers, celebrities, influencers and official stories from people you follow – but aren’t friends with and snaps from creators, snap map and Our Story.

Screen Shot 2018 02 28 at 1.05.16 PM

(Source: Snapchat)

We aren’t surprised with the way the millennials are reacting to the latest update. And so many of them are looking out for a hack to get the old version back!

But here’s why you SHOULD download that update:

Some updates address vulnerabilities, sometimes those that possess extreme risks exploited by cybercriminals. Not updating the app, could give a hacker the chance to steal your information like pictures, sensitive personal data or credentials.

All said and done, Snapchat has officially announced that it isn’t possible to revert back to the old version of the app, and is urging users to give the update a chance. But the question now is, would you?

What are your thoughts on the new update?

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