Tips and Tricks to Build Your Brand on Instagram in 2018

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Instagram is an internet-based app for mobile for the sole purpose of sharing pictures instantly. After Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and significant feature updates, the app has now opened a lot of opportunities for business profiles. According to Instagram, more than 80% of users follow a business account, while about 200 million users actively visit a business profile every day. These figures are surely going to double in the future. We are going to help you on how to use Instagram’s features to the fullest to build your brand online.

  1. Compose your content visually

A lot has changed on Instagram ever since it was launched in 2010. However, it is still a visual channel and the content you upload still plays a major role. One should have proper composition which works best within your brand’s niche. Keep in mind the composition, layout, format, colors, and even filters used in your images. The point is to make sure your Instagram stands out and the brand’s style can be identified.

Instagram Adobe Visual

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  1. Make Optimum Use of Instagram Stories

With the kind of feature updates Instagram is rolling out for Stories, it will be wrong to not make the most of them. Stories play a significant role in increasing interaction between the brand and the consumers. Poll, direct message, live videos- they can all be used to build a personal rapport. Make sure to use links to blogs or websites in Stories to give more information or generate sales. You can also use filters, different text and video recording formats, and GIFs to make your content more interesting. If Instagram Stories has a feature, make sure to use all of it!

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  1. Run Contests and Campaigns on Instagram Stories

For quick contests and campaigns like a new launch, Instagram Stories has proved to be a good tool. For contests that requires less time and maximum interaction, stories is the best option because they last only 24 hours, which means there will be quicker participation. Stories can also be used for sneak peeks to build anticipation for a new launch.

Instagram Contests and Campaigns Stories

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  1. Don’t Forget to Use Location & Call-To-Action

Using geo-tag not only lets people know where your brand is, but also brings in audience apart from your followers to view your posts and stories through ‘search and explore’ section of Instagram. Encouraging people to interact through tagging, poll, repost, etc. is a yes-yes. Always add a link in your bio for any call-to-action since a link cannot be added to your post description.

Instagram Location & Call-To-Action

  1. Use Hashtags Effectively

Instagram was always big on hashtags since the beginning. However, since last December, the social media platform has enabled to follow specific hashtags and profiles. Meaning, you can now keep tab on relevant conversations by hashtags alone. You can see tops posts from your favorite hashtags, view stories, and see which hashtags people are following on their profiles but tapping on a profile’s ‘Following’ section in the bio. This will help you in planning strategies, get into trending conversations, and reach new audience.

Instagram Hashtags

The key to remember is to maximize the use of all Instagram features in order to make your brand visible online. Let us help you do exactly that at Clatter Chatter, reach us at +1 650-296-2506.