Tips to up your Twitter game

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Twitter, the little blue birdy can be a powerful tool if used correctly. It can help you in generating leads, solidifying your branding and building good relationships with potential and existing customers. This would lead to more sales. Only knowing that Twitter can help you make money is not enough: understanding how to use it in a way that it would help your business is crucial.

Here are some tips on how you can engage more and ultimately generate leads.

  1. Combine the use of ‘title tweets’ and ‘copy tweets’

‘Title tweets’ are those tweets in which every word starts with a capital letter, just like a headline. They are tweets with just the title of the blog with a link attached to it and nothing else. However, a ‘copy tweet’ is a type of tweet that presents your article or a blog post in an interesting and quirky sentence or a question, that would create curiosity in the mind of the reader.

Putting some interesting data and stats within your content piques the interest of your followers and they are more likely to click on your link.

Be sure to mix these two type of tweets so that your wall doesn’t look boring and static.

  1. Write about social media on social media.

Seems pretty obvious this one. If it makes sense for your account to talk about social media, then do it. The people who will read these articles or tweets will be interested in knowing more about social media as they are already on social media.

Specifically tweet about Twitter. HUBSPOT noticed that when they tweeted about twitter their tweets got 22.5% more engagement than their regular posts.

  1. Want retweets? Ask for them & use call to action.

Do you want people to retweet? Simply ask them for it. The number of retweets you get, is 23 times more than the average when ‘retweet’ is spelled out in the tweet and using ‘RT’ receives about 10 times more retweets.

To have a higher click rate, Twitter suggests that you use actionable words such as ‘click here’, ‘download’ or ‘sign up now’. They observed that you’re 13% more likely to get clicks on your links or posts.

  1. Re-share your tweets

If something works for you, why change it?  It’s observed that re-sharing your old posts will often receive the same amount of clicks every time you post them. But, the criteria here is that your old post should be worth clicking on or a retweet, it all depends on the quality of the content.

  1. Timing should be perfect

Late night and after-work hours’ tweets get more retweets. TrackMaven analyzed over 1.7 million tweets and found that the best time to tweet was between 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST. If it’s too late in the night for you, then use a social media management tool to schedule your posts.

So, why wait when you can use these and get your Twitter act going! Keep following us for more Social Media hacks & tips or get in touch with us at: