Somethings Should be Left Unsent!

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Have you ever sent an angry text and then regretted it as soon as you hit send? But the damage has been done! It’s out there – no coming back, right? Have you been a victim to this situation? Fret not, WhatsApp has got your back.

WhatsApp has been letting you ‘unsend’ messages for quite some time now. If you didn’t know that, well you are welcome!

A WhatsApp text used to be final, once you hit send – it’s gone. But to stay ahead of the competition, they introduced the ‘unsend’ feature that lets you delete a message not only for yourself, but also for everyone.

WhatsApp introduced its unsend feature back in October 2017. Messages you successfully delete for everyone will be replaced with a text saying ‘This message was deleted’ in your recipients’ chats.

The feature gave you not a lot, but a decent seven-minute buffer time to take back the wrong text that you accidently sent. After that deadline, WhatsApp users are only able to delete the message from their own device. Other recipients in the chat will still be able to see the message.

There was a lot buzz about the first features and how its seven minutes’ time limit was insufficient. Did you feel the same?

Well, your prayers have been answered!  

WhatsApp has upped their game! Soon you will have 4,096 seconds which equals to exactly 68 minutes 16 seconds to take back the texts. Yes, that’s true!

Although, the update hasn’t rolled out yet for the main version of the app, it’s been out on the beta versions.

WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp update tracking site, which tracks the latest features across beta releases, spotted the changes in the latest Android beta version 2.18.69.

We’re sure this update will change the way people communicate!

What is your take on this new feature on the most-used messaging app?

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