How To Increase Online Sales Using Social Media Platforms

Increase online sales using Social Media

Increase Online Sales Using Social Media Platforms

How many times have you found yourself going from looking at cat videos to food videos and everything in between?

That’s the power of Social Media. It can keep your audience completely engaged with your content. And if they like what they see, they will keep coming back for more.

Social media marketing looks fun and easy-going to the common eye. Although in reality, it requires the same amount of organized planning and purposeful execution as any other traditional marketing strategy.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes of social media marketing for it to be engaging for the audience and impactful for the brand. Social media marketing requires forethought, breakthrough ideas, strategic planning of those ideas and great commitment to the execution of them.

Here are a few steps towards building a good social media presence that will help you increase online sales for your business:

  • Find Out The Most Relevant Social Media Platform

As mentioned in one of our prior blogs, Revitalising Your Social Media Plans, it is important to brands to have five R’s to be followed to ensure that your brand doesn’t come under the wrong light in the digital realm.

For making use of social media as a tool for boosting sales, you have to be where your audience is. Find out which social media platform your target audience spends the most time on.

For example, business to business professional services can use LinkedIn while jewelry brands can use Instagram where users look for aesthetics. Take time to understand the platform before you start mapping out your social media strategies. 

  • Know Your Audience 

Research is fundamental to any marketing process, digital or otherwise. Get to know your:

  • Audience demographics
  • Audience likes and dislikes
  • Audience’s most active hours on the social media platform

Getting to know your audience will help you curate content that they will respond to and resonate with. 

  • Create Valuable And Engaging Content

While creating content for social media, you have to remember that all you have is a few seconds.

You have to grab your audience’s attention in that small amount of time. You can provide information about your brand, instructions on how to use your product or simply some beautiful stories or fun games.

Creating compelling yet engaging content will ensure that your audience keeps coming back for more!

  • Build A Community

Your social media followers aren’t just followers but a community in itself. Interact with your audience regularly and make them a part of your brand conversation.

Build a sense of community on your social media platform. Make it a digital space for you and your community to interact, share and express.

  • Encourage User-Generated Content

It is important to Encourage your audience to post about their experience with your brand. Our previous blog on 6 Reasons Why You Must Consider User-Generated Content To Increase Your Follower Engagement talks about why User-Generated Content is important, and how big brands like Starbucks, BMW & Calvin Klien use it too.

UGC are testimonials which hold great value for potential customers. You can provide some incentive for your audience to encourage them to share.

Share your customers’ posts about your brand to participate in the conversation better. Your customers can be the best and most genuine ambassadors for your brands. This aids in building trust amongst your audience which will in turn increase online sales. 

  • Invest In Social Media Ads

Once you are comfortable with the social media platform that your brand has its presence on, you can think about investing in social media ads. Promoted posts and carousels on social media can be very effective for boosting online sales. These ads will find users searching for what you are offering and will introduce your page to them. It’s an algorithm that looks for potential customers and brings them to you. 

Finally, make your social media pages and website easy to navigate for your customers. Focus on making the entire user experience simple and fun. Build trust amongst your digital community and make sure that your page is visible to potential customers.

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