Facebook Messenger Room is Here to Give a Tough competition to Zoom!


Mark Zuckerberg’s gift to the digital world on his 36th birthday – Facebook Messenger Rooms!

May 14, 2020, marked the first milestone of 2020 for Facebook. As we all know that since the time Facebook entered our lives it has made constant efforts to make digital socialization convenient, fun, and interesting.

Even during this pandemic, Facebook was on a constant quest of looking for options to keep people connected which was the need of the hour.

Facebook Messenger Room was the solution to their quest. When the world used various apps and software like Google Meet, Google Duo, WhatsApp, Zoom, Houseparty, etc. to connect during the quarantine times; Facebook had to come forward with new fun, interesting, interactive update. As a result, the Messenger Room came into existence.

Let’s look at the cool features of this exciting new Facebook update.


1. Allows a maximum of 50 people in one messenger room.


Just like Zoom; Messenger Rooms allow 50 participants to a video chat room. This looks like a revolutionary update by Facebook. Let’s see if it gets the numbers of other competitive apps down. As a user, you play a crucial role in making or breaking this effort by Facebook.

2. Allows Guest Login, even to Facebook non-users.


One great highlight about Messenger Room is that one does not need an app or software or logins to be a part of the room. This highlight makes it easy to access for people who are not very tech-savvy. Like parents or grandparents or even kids can be a part of these rooms.

3. Exciting filters, backgrounds and activities.


Facebook keeps the fun intact in all its updates. So, how could they miss it on this one? Funny filters, exciting backgrounds, interactive room activities, and interesting digital games can transform a gathering into a virtual house party. You know what we mean! 😉

4. Joining does not require passwords or codes, just a link.


Yes, no meeting codes, no email logins, no account creation! Messenger Room can be joined by simply sharing a link. It’s that easy and that quick.

5. Leaves an open notification on your Facebook News Feed for joining a room


What if you want to just create a room and see who drops by! Yes, that is possible too. Create an open room and it gets highlighted on your News Feed with a button for people to join.

6. Maintains privacy so that unwanted people don’t join the room.


Well, there are times you want to hang out with just some special ones or hold a discrete official meeting. For such times Facebook privacy protection comes to your rescue.

7. Allows scheduling of meetings 7

A default feature allows you to create a room at the same moment. But, if you have planned office meetings or family gatherings Messenger Rooms gives you an option to schedule a meeting room.

These are some exciting highlights of the Facebook Messenger Room we want you to try out. Go, try it out and share your experience with us in the comments section below. Share this blog with your friends and get them to jump on the bandwagon too.