Facebook is now Meta


Facebook has rebranded itself. The corporate company, Facebook, has rebranded itself to ‘Meta.’ It’s a stride to build a Metaverse that brings virtual life to the real.

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Facebook rebrands itself as ‘Meta’ to emphasize its virtual-reality vision for the future. On October 28, 2021, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled their effort in focusing on their vision of having a Metaverse in the future. The company said this name would better encompass what it does as it broadens its reach beyond social media into areas like virtual reality. This is their first step to making a world where one can experience a virtual world in the real world.

This name change is for the company and not for the social media platform Facebook. The flagship social media platform will keep its name.

What is Metaverse?

Let’s first know what Metaverse actually is. 

In simpler terms, it’s ‘the internet coming to life.’ According to sources, Zuckerberg described it as a virtual environment one can go inside of and not just look on the screen. It can be experienced and not just looked at. It’s like a world of endless, interconnected virtual communities where people can meet, work, play, shop, and more. All this can be done using virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps, or other devices.

The concept of Metaverse has captivated the tech world’s attention in recent times. Other giants have been thinking about it too, but Mark Zuckerberg is the first to take the spot and have the vision to bring this to life. 

Is Facebook the only one?

According to some leading news websites, other companies are going to start their initiative, too, including companies like Microsoft and chipmaker Nvidia. 

Mark Zuckerberg commented that the Metaverse experience is somewhat like teleporting between experiences. Various companies are going to be on board to create this experience for a user to be able to jump from one augmented reality experience to another. There could be multiple metaverse companies. 

How did the world react to it?

This announcement took the internet by storm and made people tweet, post and talk about this new development. Instagram was also full of brands and influencers with their take on this new announcement. Users were talking about their prediction about this new turn and their expectations with it. 

There were memes and articles giving information about the same. 

How will it affect you?

The actual impact of living in a Metaverse will be known as it comes to real-life and involves us. 

As per the information that’s out there, we can foresee some positive and negative effects of this Metaverse. 

Metaverse could be a game-changer when it comes to employees who are working from home amid the pandemic. One can literally work from a virtual office with their employees. 

One can attend a digital trip, create art, virtual concert, and even buy clothing virtually. 

Zuckerberg confirmed that ads would continue to play a very important role in the Metaverse as well. Digital ads have always been a part of the virtual world, but they will go a notch higher in this new world. 

In the end, only time will tell exactly what its repercussions or impact will be once we do have a metaverse we live in. 

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