Facebook introduces 3D posts

Faceboobk 3d Feature

With each passing year we are moving towards a new age, where technology is advancing at a pace we had never imagined! Facebook has taken the next step towards building a better app with the latest technology. At their F8 conference last month, they announced to be introducing 3D posts soon.

And we finally have a sneak peek at how these posts will look! LEGO, Jurassic Park, Sony, Wayfair and other brands have already posted using this new feature.

Facebook Product Manager, Aykud Gönen, confirmed in a blog post that artists will directly be able to drag and drop 3D images into Facebook posts. If you have a Sony Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact or XZ Premium phone, you can directly take 3D pictures via the 3D Connect app available.

With this new feature, Facebook has smartly combined Virtual Reality and technology to give us something awesome! In a 3D post, you can select your background color and texture to set it on. If Facebook is able to execute this feature as planned, it will be leading the race amongst other Social Media platforms.

Now, what waits to be seen is how the third-party apps make use of this feature and introduce new ways to share these posts – something like 3D avatars, like the avatars on Snapchat by Bitmoji? Maybe we’ll have a 3D post library now on our business and personal pages?

Eventually, as this norm picks up pace and popularity, we assume you will be able to share all your fun, quirky, crazy 3D posts that you have captured in your daily life. Let’s take a leap with reality and technology.


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