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Facebook recently concluded their annual developers’ conference F8 at San Jose, California on May 2, 2018. This two-day conference showcased the latest technology the company is developing and gave a glimpse of what Facebook, Inc. is cooking up in their backyard.

The social media giant unveiled all the new changes and features that are going to be released on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp in the coming year.

Let’s take a look at all the new and exciting features that are going to be introduced in these apps in the near future.

Social Media Agency Facebook F8 Conference
  1. Dating Feature

  Facebook is planning to launch an online dating feature in its main app. Zuckerberg says they are trying to create ‘Meaningful Connections’ and what better way to connect than to help you meet your life partner?

The feature will have its own inbox separate from the Messenger app. You create a dating profile which can only be seen by non-friends and the feature will match people based on their interests, events and groups. It will be exciting to see how this new feature works out.

  1. Clear your history

 In aftermath of the recent Cambridge Analytica debacle, Facebook is coming up with a ‘clear history’ feature. Similar to clearing cookies in Google, you can delete your browsing history from Facebook’s data store. However, it may make your Facebook experience less personalized.

  1. Re-opens app review process

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will re-open its app review process after it was put on hold during the Cambridge Analytica crisis. It’s a welcoming news for the developers who build apps on the platform.

  1. Translation on Messenger

Facebook has started dipping its proverbial toes into the world of online translations. Translation brings closer the promise of bringing the world together by removing language barriers and making communication with people of different backgrounds easier.

Facebook has also opted to remove the camera and games feature from the Messenger App to make its interface cleaner.

  1. Point-cloud reconstruction

 Facebook has developed a new technology called ‘Point-cloud reconstruction’ that will transform flat, two-dimensional photos and videos into immersive 3D worlds. “You pop on a VR headset and you’re there again. Walking around. Looking around corners. Seeing the places where your memories happened” a Facebook executive said during the demo. Sounds like sci-fi becoming a reality.

    6.  Upvotes and Downvotes for comments

Facebook users will now have the option of upvoting and downvoting comments which will impact the order in which they appear in a post. Users have been asking for this feature for a long time and it seems Facebook has answered their wishes.

    7.  Messenger’s Augmented Reality Shopping

Facebook is introducing a feature that integrates augmented reality into the Messenger app to create a whole new shopping experience.

The boss of Facebook Messenger David Marcus unveiled a demonstration of a pair of Nike sneakers, where users with a special code could zoom in and check out the shoe, share it with their friends and click to buy it. This is an ambitious move, but if it takes flight this will surely change how people shop online.

  1. Oculus Go goes on sale with Oculus TV

Facebook announced its VR headsets Oculus GO will go on sale from May 2, 2018 for a price of $199. Oculus TV will also be launching later this month for Oculus Go. It will appeal to people who want to take the TV experience onto the VR Platform.

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  1. Anti-bullying feature for Instagram 

 A new feature will be introduced which will filter the comments and protect users from negative or abusive comments making it safer for everyone to use.

  1. Multiple Video chat for Instagram and WhatsApp

 Instagram is introducing a video chat feature which is very popular on the Facebook Messenger as well as WhatsApp. Not just that, multiple video chat option is soon going to hit the users’ devices. It will also allow users to simultaneously surf Instagram while video calling by just minimizing it just like WhatsApp.

  1. Augmented Reality Camera Effects for Instagram

 Last year at F8 we announced the AR camera platform, and today we’re bringing it to Instagram. Using AR Studio, creators will be able to design unique, interactive camera experiences, including face filters and world effects, for their followers on Instagram.

    4.  Smarter Artificial Intelligence

With Facebook’s latest data leak controversy going on this new AI technology will flag inappropriate comments and content that contains hate speech. Facebook still need human moderators to review flagged content.

  1. Story sharing – third-party apps

 Facebook has made it possible for Facebook and Instagram stories to be uploaded directly from third-party apps apps like Spotify, SoundCloud and GoPro.

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Social Media Agency in California third-party apps

Software Innovations


  1. World’s best image recognition system

 The director of applied machine learning at Facebook said the company has developed the world’s best image recognition system through billions of public photos and Instagram hashtags.

  1. Facebook.ai

 Facebook has offered AI researchers new open source tools and a new online hub called Facebook.ai to help them access the tools.

It is apparent that Facebook Inc. is taking big leaps in the world of technology and ensuring safety and privacy of user data. Their projects are very ambitious and if they succeed, Facebook will become a true giant in the internet world. Big things in technology are afoot and we are part of this revolution.

Which new features are you most excited about? Share your views with us in the comments.