Ten Essential Digital Media Practices For Businesses – Part I

Digital Media

Digital marketing may seem like an unknown battleground for some brands when they start. However, it is not as difficult as it may seem. This article lists 5 Essential Practices that will help you through your digital marketing journey. 

We all know that traditional marketing techniques may still be effective, but they are now considered old-school. If you want your brand to stand out, you must have a solid and well-planned digital image. 

Before you start anything new for marketing your business, it’s best to learn a few basics. This blog shares five fundamental practices crucial to building a more substantial base for your digital marketing process. 

First, Google is the master search engine, and almost everyone who has access to the internet uses it. So, the first step is to make yourself a Google presence. The best way to do that is by listing your business on GMB Google My Business. Let us learn a bit more about the same below. 

GMB Google My Business Listing

It is the most simple and the best way to make your brand visible on online business listings. GMB is nothing but a local directory listing on a global level. It makes your business visible to people looking in a specific area for a particular service or product. 

Furthermore, GMB gives an overview of your brand’s location, website details, services, and customer reviews. 

Besides a presence, you must also focus on updating your GMB from time to time. If you have changed your location, added a new service, won an award, or changed your business hours, all of these have to be updated on your Google My Business Account as soon as it happens. By doing this, you are not only ensuring that your consumers are aware of the new achievements or changes, but they will also help in your SEO activities. 

Build a Social Media Presence

As obvious as it may sound, brands still happen to get it wrong. Building a social media presence includes small but vital steps that you just can’t skip. For example, choosing the right platforms, adding essential pointers in your profile/bio, adding important contact details, and more. 

The very first step is to determine which social media platform is relevant and influential for your business. Once you have all your accounts in place, the next thing is to update your profile/bio with all necessary details. 

Have a content strategy in place

Once you have your profiles up and running, the next step is to plan relevant content to publish on your social media accounts. Generally, some brands skip this step and end up sharing random content to keep it active. 

However, you must never forget that content is what gets you the eyeballs, likes, shares, and comments. Plan your content well, brainstorm, and create interactive content that interest your followers. 

Use SEO 

Search engines are the new-age directories. Whether you seek a classy restaurant, a furnishing company, or packers and mover, everyone uses search engines to make purchasing decisions. 

Most users choose from the first ten options they see in their search listings (basic human behavior). Now you, as a business owner, must keep this in mind and use it to your advantage. Use SEO with an objective of ranking in the first ten relevant searches. 

Although SEO is a constant investment, its benefits when your business shows up on the first page of Google are incomparable.

Don’t shy away from Paid Promotions.

It may seem like something you choose to do in the second phase. However, try and invest small amounts of your budget in sponsoring your content right from the beginning. 

Paid promotions give a boost to your page, profile, and content. Now, this kind of boost is good at any given point. Then why wait for phase two when you can get more followers by investing a part of your budget in phase one itself. 

Starting early with paid promotions will help make your brand popular from its baby phase. It will also get you a more substantial digital fan base before you even become a big, established brand. 

To summarize, these five digital marketing tactics will help you in digital progress. In the next blog, we have shared five more tips that will shape your digital presence for a smooth road ahead. Check it out now: Ten Essential Digital Media Practices For Businesses – Part II