DREAM CRAZY: A Masterpiece By Nike ft. Colin Kaepernick

Nike ft. Colin Kaepernick

‘Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything’.

Have your recently heard or read these lines somewhere? These words are taking over the internet today and will take over history too. They will be remembered as Nike’s heroic stand. It is an exclamation to the phrase ‘saying the right thing at the right time’.If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you need to watch Nike’s new ad. Go, take a look!

It’s inspiring, gripping and hits us back to reality. It has brought people to tears and has given them goosebumps. But it alsohas some of them cutting off their Nike socks and burning their Nike shoes. Starring Colin Kaepernick, Nike’s new ad campaign hurt the feelings of racists, nationalists and patriots all over the USA that touched on the peaceful protests that Colin started during his tenure of playing for the NLF team. While there are anti-supporters trying to tarnish Nike’s image, the latter has come up with the perfect response to them. Although Nike is an official sponsor of the NFL team, they went ahead and announced Colin Kaepernick as their official face to head the campaign, supporting him and the social cause.It may have been a difficult decision to make, but the 50+ year old brand decided to go against their business decisions and took a big, yet successful risk. This ad touched the hearts of people around the world and resonated with the victims, resulting in support being poured in for Colin. It goes without saying that this video is a bold move. It is creating the right kind of buzz not only in the USA, but also around the globe. Nike is giving a voice to Colin’s protest, one that will reach the right audience and help him gather the right support. Today, brands have a unique personality and a set of beliefs that they aren’t afraid of showcasing. They use various mediums to promote their ideologies and not just their product. Not just the mainstream media, but Digital Media has also grown from just a means of marketing a product to raising social causes and raising awareness. The video has Colin’s voice over and features a number of athletes, both famous and amateur who overcame serious obstacles on their path to greatness. The video has Colin’s voice over and features a number of athletes, both famous and amateur who overcame serious obstacles on their path to greatness.

Colin, the former quarterback,garnered national fame and criticism when he started kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem at the NFL games to protest the racial discrimination in the USA. His actions were supported by many and criticized by an equal amount of people, including the President, Donald Trump.

President Trump has been seen using the digital platform to express his feelings about this campaign. He Tweeted on this issue multiple times:

There were many people who showed their support via Twitter for Trump’s ideologies.

The NFL responded to the ad stating, ‘The social-justice issues that Colin and other professional athletes have raised deserve our attention and action’.

Here are what the supporters had to say:

The impact hit Nike hard; they lost $3.75 Billion in the market, right after Colin Kaepernick was announced as the face of ‘Just Do It’ ads. NKE stocks dropped about 4% on Tuesday morning, as #NikeBoycott had been trending on Twitter.

NKE stock

According to industry expert Ken Morris, this was a calculated risk and would not have a negative impact on the brand.

This move is directed at the younger generation, aiming to connect with them as they put more thought into what a brand stands for before they make their purchase.

We love how Nike made their statement by making Colin Kaepernick the face of their brand and an absolute mic drop on the controversies surrounding him. At the end, any publicity is good publicity, and it will pay off in Nike’s favor.

Do you support Colin Kaepernick or think that Nike has gone too far? We would like to know your thoughts about this campaign. Comment and share.