Top 11 Digital Trends To Follow For The Second Half of 2021

Digital Trends 2021

Digital media is an ever-growing ecosystem that upgrades almost every day to improve connectivity and networking. This article will look at ten marketing trends that stood out in 2021 and are the future of digital marketing.

The world of advertising is rapidly shifting to digital mediums than ever before. In some way or the other, everyone on the planet uses digital platforms for product, content, or service consumption. Therefore, as a brand, one must be aware of the trends and practice them religiously to keep up with the dynamic world of digital media. To ease things out for you, we have listed ten marketing trends of 2021 that will benefit your online marketing. 

Being Visible On Relevant Digital Mediums

2020 and 2021 have taught us that we should not limit our marketing techniques to billboards or TVCs. Along with these, the brand has to be visible on digital portals as well. Even today, some brands take social media lightly. Thus losing out on many social media marketing trends and their benefits. 

Having no social media accounts in today’s time can hurt your brand’s marketing strategy. Hence, it is crucial to have substantial visibility on the internet, whether it is through social media, websites, or other digital platforms. Therefore, helping you grab more eyeballs and organic traffic to your business.

Influencer Marketing

Many businesses have roped in influencers in the last two years for better marketing results. Influencers of all types – micro, medium, and mega- are helpful somehow or the other. For example, if you are a local brand with a smaller budget, you can approach an influencer in your area and advertise your product or service through them. 

Similarly, if you are a well-established brand with a larger budget, you can use a group of influencers for product launches or product reviews. These influencer program activities will garner better results than traditional marketing methods. 

Hence, a well-planned influencer strategy helps your business reach a more extensive consumer base with little effort and adds a fun twist to your advertising.

User-Generated Content – UGC

Brands used to shy away from using this trend until 2018. However, the trend grew stronger from 2019 onwards. So much so, even the big players of the market like Apple, Starbucks, and BMW also joined the bandwagon. Sharing user-generated content took a significant leap, especially during the pandemic when the brands wanted to interact with their direct consumers. 

Thanks to the enthusiastic user behavior, the UGC trend is catching on, and brands of all sizes are seeing results. Therefore, out of all the current market trends, we would rate this one as one of the best marketing strategies or trends. 

Conversational Marketing

In the past six months, you must have come across many tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts where the brands talk to their audience. These posts are nothing but interactive content where the brands seek feedback or ideas from their users. 

Such content makes the audience feel valued and, in turn, helps the brand obtain UGC. These types of online marketing strategies may come across as marketing stunts but are pretty common and fruitful. 

Sponsored Content

We all know and agree to the fact that ‘Content Is King’. However, what good is a king that can’t conquer! To make your content rule, you must ensure it is supported with an impactful Ad strategy. Moreover, the best business promotional ideas have waned if not backed by a powerful ad strategy. 

Sponsored content helps you reach your niche audience regularly. Therefore, giving your brand multiple chances to interact with the user directly. As well as keeping your users updated with the new product or service launches. Thanks to platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, running sponsored content is much easier than it seemed earlier.

Easy-To-Consume Content

The user comes online looking for information to consume. It is a brand’s responsibility to produce content that is easy to consume. 

Many brands prefer sharing high-quality content, which is alright. But they miss out on using various modes to make the content sound exciting and interesting. 

The best way to make your content easy to understand is to make it relatable, trendy, and conversational.

Video Content

Video content is now trending more than ever. Audiovisuals and videos are more captivating and thus grabs many eyeballs. 

More so, new app upgrades and launches are making video creation easy for non-technical users. For example, apps like Tik Tok and Instagram have created a storm on the internet. 

The recent launch of the Reels feature on Instagram has seen a significant shift of followers from regular post content to reel content. Besides, it is fun and easy to use. As a result, many brands are also using video content to advertise their products/services. 

In turn, they are noticing an increase in followers when they start sharing social media videos. However, one has to understand that video consumption of a user is more if you use engaging content and relevant topics. It is also noticed that video content makes it to the top of the charts in the top content marketing trends online. 

Social Media Stories

It was noticed that users on social media preferred stories over posts when Instagram introduced stories. We all know the most significant benefit of a story, it stays for 24 hours and can be saved under highlights. 

This benefit has a hidden motive, it plays with the user’s psyche, and due to the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), they end up seeing each story. Thus increasing your views on stories. Looking at this behavior of a user, other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn introduced stories for their users. 

Browser-Push Notifications

Push notifications are constantly rising, with almost 80% of online stores using them. This trend has given the newsletter sign-ups a run for their money. Users prefer clicking one button to allow notifications over sharing their email ids for daily or weekly newsletters

This is why they are now used extensively by most e-commerce websites and apps. As a result, keeping the user notified about all the offers, service updates, new products, and more.


If we are talking about marketing trends 2021, we can’t miss mentioning the contribution of Chatbots. The use of chatbots has made customer service convenient and increased the turnaround time on queries. 

Therefore, growing brand loyalty and consumer retention for businesses. This is why it should be a part of your online marketing strategy for the next two quarters of 2021.

Social Media Market Places

After the pandemic, e-commerce websites and apps have seen a major influx of buyers. Working from home and lockdown restrictions diverted offline buyers to online marketplaces. 

It was observed that people started trusting online sellers and making purchases. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram made it easier for smaller businesses to showcase their products on their marketplaces. If you haven’t checked out these marketplaces yet, you must. 

We hope you enjoyed this informative read. Make sure you consider these marketing trends when planning the marketing campaigns for the upcoming quarters of 2021. For more suggestions, tips, and insights, stay tuned to our blog section.