8 Reasons Why Twitter is Important For Your Brand

Twiiter 2

Twitter is a platform used by every type of user may it be personal, business, emerging artists, or celebrities. Which is why, it is one of the most crucial platforms to use for social media marketing. Time and again, this platform has proven its efficiency, especially in sales and marketing, where numbers are what matter the most.

Did you know:

  • About 86% of followers are more likely to visit a business on the recommendation of their friends.
  • The number is as high as 85% (approximately) of followers who feel more connected with a business after following them.
  • Among all followers, 72% are more likely to buy something from a business they follow.

Here are 8 reasons why Twitter is instrumental to your brand’s digital marketing success:

  • Recognizing and interacting with influencers

Twitter can help establish an initial relationship with the influencers by following their Twitter accounts, retweeting their tweets, etc. A concrete relationship with the influencer will eventually help you build your brand and reach out to a larger audience efficiently.

  • Get noticed by potential clients

Using relevant hashtags and tweeting about trending topics related to your business will lead to getting more visibility for your brand. Being visible and communicating with the audience is important to create a strong impression for profitable future collaborations.  

  • Being accessible

About 80% of customer service requests and complaints are being handled on Twitter. This only shows having a Twitter account is important for existing and potential client-based interactions. This eventually helps in getting grievances and queries answered easily and quickly.

Also, Twitter helps in identifying frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to your business. And thus, tweeting informative content related to the FAQs will help garner more attention.

  • Building brand awareness and loyalty

With the use of appropriate trending hashtags, your brand can come into limelight. On the other hand, answering your followers’ queries and replying to their tweets will help you garner brand loyalty.

  • Understanding the audience

Twitter analytics are the best tool to understand what your audience likes, dislikes, retweets. It also helps in tapping the right time and day to get the most engagement. Apart from this, it helps in identifying your audience’s geography, language, etc.

Twitter also has the feature of ‘polls’ that can help you gather information about your followers’ opinions.

  • A large number of mobile using audience

Factually, about 70% of executives use mobile phones and tablets to gather information about a service or product. Keeping this in mind, a social media app like Twitter is great as a mobile marketing channel.

P.S: Did you know, as of now 78% of active Twitter users are on mobile.

  • Staying updated with trends

Explaining why you are better than your competitors can be a tad bit difficult. The best way to do this is to be updated with the trends and keeping a tab of what the audience wants and needs. Catchy, informative and interesting tweets along with relevant hashtags will eventually ensure that your followers stay loyal.

  • Be visually appealing

Even though Twitter has increased its character limit from 140 to 280; not everything can be explained in this limit. Factually, visuals are likely to attract more engagement than text; thus, incorporating visuals on the page prove to be more beneficial than just plain texts.

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