13 Instagram Stories Hacks You Need to Know


Instagram stories are a sensation! Some might even say, they are more popular than Snapchat Stories, the original storytellers who made the stories popular.

Today, about 300 million users use the story feature daily on Instagram. With numerous coffee cups, dogs, cats, selfies, and pizzas *drools* hovering all over the stories, your stories get lost in the noise!

To make your content pop out, Instagram stories have many ‘secret’ features. You only uncover them after spending numerous hours playing with the app.

To save you some time, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ‘secret’ features, that would help you to make your content cut through the noise.

1. Make text colorful

Instagram Colorful Text

Bright and beautiful colors catch the attention of the viewer. Instagram is not limited to the basic colors. There is a whole palette of colors to choose from. Scroll to the right or just press and hold on any color and the palette will appear. You can use it to make your texts more colorful.

2. Color your background

Instagram Background ColorYou don’t need to paint the whole screen with the pen tool to get a colored background, just select the pen tool, a color, and then press long hold on the screen to fill it with the color.

3. Background color for your text boxes

Instagram Text Boxes Background Color

Instagram Text Background colorsUse this feature to make your texts pop. Tap on the ‘A’ at the top left corner, it will give you the option for bold color, a wash color . You can even get transparent text box on Instagram by doing this as changing the background will change the color of the text as well.

4. Change the color of the stickers

Instagram Sticker ColorsThis is more of a hack than a secret. You might probably already know that a few stickers, change color or become transparent when you tap on them. So, make the stickers transparent, select the pen tool and just color over the sticker: and Voila!

5. A color fog

Instagram Color FogTo create a hazy glow effect on your photos and videos, simply go to stickers, choose an emoji with the color you want and just stretch it until it becomes hazy and just position it where ever you want.

6. Give a shadow effect to text

Instagram Shadow EffectThis one is pretty smart *pats self on the back*. Although you don’t have a shadow feature, you can be a little innovative. Just write your text twice and overlap them.

7. Make your text pop

Instagram Text PopStories should be a feast for the eye. Jazz up your text by writing in separate text boxes, change their color and resize them.

8. Selfie Sticker

Instagram Selfie StickerGo to Stickers and click on the camera option. It will open the front camera and you can click a selfie or anything that you’d like to turn into a sticker.

9. Zoom with one finger while recording

No more pinching to zoom in or out, just slide your finger up to zoom in and down to zoom out while recording. It’s that easy!

10. Hide stories

Instagram Hide Stories FeaturePerhaps you want to share something which you don’t want someone to see, you can hide your stories from them. Just click on the gear icon on the top left on the screen and select who you want to hide the story from.

11. iPhone Live photos as Boomerang

If you own an iPhone 6s or a higher model, you probably know about the live image feature on it. You can directly share those images and Instagram will change it to a Boomerang, just swipe up and share it on stories.

12. Share stories as posts

If you want to share your stories as post, just click on the three dots on the bottom left corner and select ‘share as post’ and it’s done.

13.Share posts as stories

If you wish to share a brand’s or a friend’s innovative post on your story, just click on the arrow below the post, and click on ‘Add Post to your Story’. You can jazz it up with all the GIFs and stickers.

Try these Instagram Stories Hacks, and if they have help you, share them with your friends.

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